Gorgeous Natural Fibre, Palm sized Vegetable Brush. Made from Natural untreated Beech Wood with Tampico & Union Fibres. Fully Biodegradable

  • Category: Wooden Kitchen Brushes & Scrubbers




Size: 13.5 cm

Material: wood, Tampico and union fibres

Tampico fibre is obtained from the leaf ribs of a type of agave which grows on the high plains of Mexico. It has a high degree of shape retention, and is used for scrubbing brushes, washing brushes, and wherever high heat resistance is required.

Palmyra fibre comes from the leaf ribs of palmyra palms which occur in India and Sri Lanka. Palmyra fibre is wet-resistant and is used mainly for street-sweeping brooms. However it is mainly blended with other plant fibres to make union fibre, a mixture which has proved itself above all for vegetable scrubbing brushes because of its hardness and resilience.

Brand: Redecker