Available in Small, Medium or Large, these Reusable, Cotton, Drawstring Bags make the perfect eco friendly gift. They make part of the gift as they can be reused infinite times as well as being absolutely stunning!

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Embrace a zero-waste and time-efficient gift packaging option with these stylish artisan-made fabric gift bags. Traditional techniques such as silk screen printing and batik are used to handcraft beautifully illustrated designs on to 100% cotton fabric.

They are a gift in themselves as they can be washed and reused, passed on to loved ones or kept forever. REUSE or REPURPOSE and enjoy the act of giving! These are suitable for most presents and work especially well for odd-shaped gifts. Simple enough to use for even amateur gift wrappers, these bags provide an attractive and reusable wrapping alternative to traditional paper bags.

All 'Paper Merchi' drawstring bags are adorned with a decorative fabric bead at both ends. The Luxe Gold Collection of fabric gift bags is available in a selection of exclusive designs in a variety of beautiful colours. 

100% cotton fabric is used, which is hand dyed and then silk screen printed in lustrous gold ink.

Made in India