Natural Laundry Detergent, Hypo-Allergenic, Vegan, Naturally & Sustainably Sourced 1kg lasts for up to 330 washes, an average of 3p per wash! Totally Biodegradable & Suitable in all types of washing machine.

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I am so excited about these totally natural and long lasting alternatives to traditional washing detergents. the 1kg cotton bag can last an amazing 330 washes & won't pollute the environment.  

Soap Nuts have been used for thousands of years as a natural washing detergent by people native to both Asia & the Americas. Also known as Soap Berries, the nuts grow on trees of the Sapindus Genus & are a source of Saponon, a natural surfactant, which cleans & freshens your clothes.

Soap nuts are gentle on your clothes, colours stay brighter for longer, whilst effectively removing dirt. 

Vegan, Cruelty free & Allergy Uk Friendly Product....

Just pop between 4-6 in the cotton bag provided and pop in a warm/hot wash (need warm water, so not for cold washes)....and reuse in each wash until only shells remain....which can be composted. Wonderfully Biodegradable & Eco Friendly...

and they really work!!!