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Eco-Floss DOUBLE Pack, Vegan, Plant Based Dental Floss in Biodegradable Packaging. 50m + 50m Refill

  • Category: Vegan & Plastic Free Dental Floss


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100% Vegan

100% Plant Based (Corn Starch)

100% Renewable Resources


NO Palm Oil

This is TWO  x 50 m reels of Compostable (as long as it is industrially composted i.e. requires heat, therefore brown bins or home heat composter) Corn Starch Based Dental Floss.

There are 80% fewer Greenhouse gases used in its production.

Eco Living plants a tree for EVERY pack sold- through Eden Reforestation Projects!! Helping Climate change to boot. Eco Living is a member of 1% For The Planet.