Introducing our reusable sanitary pad brand Bloom & Nora. Quality and environmentally friendly cloth pads that enable you to have a cycle in style. No more irritations from harsh chemicals and they save you money too! Now that is positively period! Waterproof backing is made from 100% Recycled Plastic!

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There’s a growing school of thought that disposable pads and tampons are just about the worst thing you can put near one of the most porous and sensitive parts of your body. Studies carried out by respected women’s health organisations* have found a range of toxins, dioxins and carcinogens present in tampons, and according to US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, there is no research that actually declares tampons unequivocally safe! 

Here at Bloom & Nora, we say no to toxins, no to dioxins, no to carcinogens and a very affirmative yes to you taking control of what goes next to your skin! Our pads are completely Oekotex certified which means there are no harmful chemicals used at any stage in the production cycle.

Chem Fetale report
Comparisons done with Always Ultra Normal Pads


No harsh stain removers; they may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane.

No fabric softeners; they will reduce their absorbency. 

Washing Your Pads: Rinse in cold water immediately after use to stop stains setting. Store in waterproof bathroom bag and wash within 48 hours.

Wash in non bio at 40 and tumble cool.