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Gorgeous Beeswax Wax Wraps by 'Rocket & Pickle' locally made in Suffolk. Eco Friendly, Re-usable and Biodegradable alternative to cling film. Medium Pack includes -1 x (24x24 cm) & 1x (30x30 cm)

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Made in Suffolk, by the lovely Paula, these Beeswax Wraps are an amazing alternative to cling film.  By using the heat of your hands to mould them around the item you want to cover, its a great way to ditch the plastic.

They are reusable for approximately 6 months, and when their use is over they can be popped into the compost or have a go at re-waxing yourself?! (grate some pure beeswax on top and iron (on a low heat)  between two sheets of baking paper )

Do NOT microwave or wash with hot water. Rinse with cool water (soapy if you wish) the less abrasion the better! Beeswax wraps are naturally antibacterial. Clever old bees.