30 Sep

For the last few years I have really started to  look into what I had up until that point taken for granted.   Becoming more and more aware suddenly meant that not doing anything wasn't an option.  I could no longer walk into Sainsbury's & happily do my shop.  I have certainly not finished my journey but feel that I'm just at the beginning of this immense challenge & of making my children aware of waste & the effects of mass farming. 

Every day there are new developments, often for the better. Sadly sometimes it's for the worse. We, in more developed countries, live in a world where we have everything & anything we desire at the click of a button.  We have so much more than we need & have very high expectations.  

Attempting to go back to a more package free lifestyle is almost impossible but not impossible. My inspiration to start 'Eco Hug' was a girl called Lauren Singer, who opened up her own Zero Waste store in Brooklyn, America.  One day, maybe I'll be able to do the same. Small Changes....


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